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Intelligent Deposition Summarization & Search

Powered By AI

AI Deposition Summary

Effortlessly condense depositions of any length into precise summaries in seconds


Co-developed with lawyers for lawyers

Key Product Benefits

Grow Your Practice

With the growing demand for litigation, practices that leverage technology-backed services like Three Cliffs AI can expand while keeping costs under control.

Avoid the Trial Prep Crunch

Trial preparation often begins with 'all-hands on deck' for creating deposition summaries. Practices using Three Cliffs AI are less reactive and more focused on trial strategy.

Focus on Strategy

Creating thorough deposition summaries is time-consuming and often competes with other strategic work. Instant summaries from Three Cliffs AI provide high-quality deposition summaries without diverting time from case strategy.

Client Satisfaction

Clients expect you to use AI responsibly to reduce costs and deliver better outcomes. Billing for expensive summaries has always been a pain point for clients. By using Three Cliffs AI, you can retain more clients and avoid billing complications.

Improve Case Outcomes

Attorneys report that our deposition summaries offer timely information early in a case, which they wouldn’t have otherwise. These summaries aid in preparing errata sheets, drafting stronger motions, and planning subsequent depositions, ultimately leading to better case outcomes.

Simple Pricing

Three Cliffs AI offers a flat fee, charged per document, making it easy to predict costs and bill clients.

1000s Deposition Hours

Three Cliffs AI solutions have been tested on thousands of hours of depositions, ensuring reliable and consistent results for our clients.

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Why Choose Three Cliffs AI

Responsible Approach to AI

We know that AI is great, but its not perfect. We stress test our system to understand where and how it fails and build in mitigation protocols.

Attorney Collaboration

Three Cliffs AI was built in collaboration with attorneys to ensure it meets their standards and needs.

Trusted Security & Encryption 

Security is at the heart of what we do. Our platform uses two-factor authentication, encryption and advanced threat detection technology.

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